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Anyone can say thank you, but we mean it. At Inland Bank, we reward your loyalty with rewards YOU choose. That is because with select Inland Bank Checking Accounts you can enroll your Inland Debit Card in our Loyalty Rewards Program featuring uChoose Rewards®. Earn points when you use your debit card, plus you earn reward points for everyday banking. Manage and redeem your points for great rewards like gift cards, electronics, travel and more!

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How To Earn Points




Inland Bank Visa Debit Card Purchase 1 point for every $2 spent Transactions are signature based and points are earned for transactions over $10
Just to say Thank You! 2500 points Earn a one-time reward of 2,500 points as a “Thank You” for enrolling in the uChoose program
Online Bill Pay 25 points per online bill pay Maximum 500 points per statement cycle
E-statements 500 points Earn a one-time reward of 500 points
Direct Deposit 50 points per direct deposit Maximum 100 points per statement cycle






E-statements 500 points Sign-up to receive e-statements, rather than paper statements, and earn a one-time reward of 500 points
Mobile Banking 500 points Enroll in Mobile Banking and earn a one-time reward of 500 points
New Checking Account 500 points Open a new checking account and enroll in Online Bill Pay and earn a one-time reward of 500 points
New Savings Account 250 points Earn a one-time reward of 250 points for each new savings account opened – limit 3 savings accounts per year
New Money CD 250 points Earn a one-time reward of 250 points for each new money CD opened – limit 3 CDs per year
New Home Equity Line 2,500 points Earn a one-time reward of 2,500 points for a newly closed home equity line of credit
Mortgage Purchase/Refinance 10,000 points Earn a one-time reward of 10,000 points for a closed purchase/refinance in lieu of other discounts or offers
Birthday 500 points 500 points will be awarded to each person on the account on their birthday

How To Redeem Points

Take all the points you have earned, and choose from millions of items – from brand name products to travel excursions, event tickets, and much more. You can choose items from hundreds of national retailers from the uChooseRewards.com online catalog.



2,884 points A $25 merchandise gift certificate valid at a variety of retailers
3,238 points Two admission tickets to Legoland Discovery Center
7,016 points This season's "in demand" video game
6,344 points Two tickets to cruise the Chicago River
32,404 points One round trip airline ticket to Las Vegas from Chicago
34,917 points Tickets to cheer on your favorite professional sports team in person versus watching them on TV
51,085 points Hotel for three nights in Cabo San Lucas during New Year's Eve
**Additional information contained in this document in the section titled How to Redeem Points and also on www.uChooseRewards.com.
Points are accurate and are subject to change. Points expire at the end of the 48th month after the month in which they were posted to your Program Account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn points?

You will love how quickly your points add up with everyday purchases, and for using our banking services, such as:

  • Sign for purchases with your Visa® Debit Card - earn 1 point for every $2 signature based purchase*
  • Earn 25 points for online bill payments**
  • Earn up to 50 points per statement cycle for Direct Deposit
  • Earn 500 points on your birthday
*Only debit card purchases requiring your signature qualify for points. Debit card and ATM transactions using your PIN do not qualify for points. Banking services and transactions may be limited to a maximum number of points earned each statement cycle. 2500 points are needed to begin redeeming points.
Note: Inland Bank reserves the right to modify the Point Values and Interest Rates without prior notification.
**Maximum 500 points per statement cycle.

Can I earn additional points?

Yes. You can earn additional uChoose Rewards points by shopping at participating retailers.
View a complete list on the uChoose Rewards website.

What can I do with my points?

You can redeem your points for thousands of great rewards from the uChoose Rewards online catalog including:

  • Products
  • Travel
  • Event tickets
  • Gift Cards
  • Books, Music, & DVDs
  • Merchant gift cards

A minimum of 2500 points are needed to begin redeeming points.

Are there any fees for the uChoose Rewards program?

The Inland Bank Loyalty Rewards program is a free service for customers with eligible checking accounts.

How can I view my point totals?

Just log on to your uChoose Rewards account to view your current point totals. First time visitors will need to register.

Who can redeem uChoose Rewards points?

Any signer on the primary checking account can redeem points on the uChoose Rewards website. If you have a joint checking account, all of your combined purchases and transactions will earn points together on the joint account.

What are the monthly statement cycles for Inland Bank Checking Accounts enrolled in the Inland Bank Loyalty Rewards Program?

The statement cycle begins on the first day of each month and ends on the last day of each month. All Inland Bank Checking Accounts enrolled in Inland Bank Loyalty Rewards will be on the same statement cycle.

If I use my Visa® Debit Card at an ATM, will that transaction count towards my point total?

No, only signature point-of-sale transactions count and they must be posted to the account, not just pending, to apply within the current statement cycle.

Can I enroll more than one debit card into the Inland Bank Loyalty Rewards Program?

Yes. Debit cards connected to one account will automatically combine points. If you have other accounts with attached debit cards you can add those debit cards manually in the preferences screen on the uChoose website.

Will my money be insured with the FDIC?

Yes. All Inland Bank Checking Accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to $250,000 per depositor. With a combination of accounts, you could be covered for more than $250,000. Estimate how much of your money is insured by the FDIC. Try EDIE the Estimator from the FDIC.

Do my points ever expire?

Points expire at the end of the 48th month after the month in which they were posted to your uChoose Rewards Account.

Is there a cost to for enrolling in uChoose Rewards?

There is no cost to enroll or participate in the Program.

Do I need to order a new debit card?

Your current debit card will begin earning points as soon as you enroll in the Inland Bank Loyalty Rewards Program.

How do I find my points balance?

Finding your points balance is easy. Simply log in to www.uChooseRewards.com with your username and password. Once logged in, click "point details" at the top of the webpage for an itemized list of points.

What happens if I close my checking account?

Points are not awarded on a uChoose Loyalty Rewards Account after it is closed. In order to redeem all of your points, they must be redeemed prior to closing your checking account.

If I lose my card, will my points be transferred to my new card?

Yes. A personal banker at your local branch would be more than happy to help you in the event that you lose your debit card as well as ensuring all of your points have accurately transferred to your new card.

Can I turn in my points for cash?

Points can be redeemed for gift cards, travel, activities, merchandise, and events. However, at this time, there is no cash back option when redeeming points.

Can a Business open a checking account with points?

Currently, the Inland Bank Loyalty Rewards Program is available for consumer checking accounts only.

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