Indy Jr. Savers Program


Jump start your kids savings with Indy Junior!

Teach your children the importance of building their savings by enrolling them in our Indy Junior Savers Program. It's a fun and exciting way for them to save!

Benefits include:

Stop by one of our locations today to open your Young Banker Savings Account and join the Indy Junior Savers Program!



Indy Junior App

App - Overview and FAQ

  • What is Indy Jr? A free mobile app for iOS, Android, or Kindle devices (mobile & tablet) that teaches children ages 2 to 12 simple money concepts. Adults download from the app store (Apple, Google, or Amazon) to install Indy Jr. on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Who would use Indy Jr? Anyone with kids in their life! Indy Jr. can be used by parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and educators.
  • How do people find Indy Jr? If they have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, they search for Indy Jr. or Inland Bank and Trust in the Apple App Store. If they have an Android phone or tablet, then search the Google Play app store, and Amazon if they have a Kindle.
  • Is it safe for kids? Yes, absolutely! No identifying information is ever asked of the child. The adult in his/her life completes a one-time registration process right from within the app and oversees the entire process.
  • Are my kids going to be able to see my account balances or move money around? Indy Jr. does not affect the accounts at Inland Bank and Trust or other financial institutions. It acts as a virtual register. No real money changes hands with the app.
  • Since the app is free, is it filled with ads and sales messages? Games are safe with positive messages and no soliciting.
  • Is there a cost to families for using the app? No. We are investing in future customers by providing Indy Jr. FREE of charge.
  • Is Indy Jr available on a desktop? We are working towards a desktop version in 2019, more information will be coming in the next 12 months.
1 - MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: (A) New Customers - In order to join the Indy Junior Savers program you must open a Young Bankers Account with a minimum deposit of $25. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is valid as of 04/06/20. Annual Percentage Yield and interest rate may change after the account is opened and fees may reduce earnings. Young Banker accounts are open to kids from newborn to age 18. Account is an UTMA account which can be opened by a parent or legal guardian as custodian. New customers are eligible to receive a $25 matching gift deposit, which will be credited to the account within 30 days of account opening. New customers will also receive an Indy Jr. Teddy Bear within 30 days of account opening. Both the matching gift and the Teddy Bear are 1099INT tax reportable. (B) Existing Young Banker Account Holders – Existing Young Banker Account Holders can join the Indy Junior Savers program by contributing an additional $25 to their account, which qualifies them to receive an Indy Teddy Bear. Existing customers are not eligible for the new customer $25 matching gift. Customer will receive an Indy Jr. Teddy Bear within 30 days of making the additional $25 deposit to their existing account. Teddy Bear is 1099INT tax reportable. ALL MEMBERS - One Young Banker account in the Indy Junior Savers Program per child. Additional Young Banker accounts can be opened outside of the Indy Junior Savers Program, but will not receive these bonuses. 2 - Coin Bucket Grab on Birthday must be deposited into the Young Savers Account. 3 - If a deposit of at least $10 is made into their Young Banker Savings account, customer will be able to pick one item from the Inland Bank Treasure Chest. (One toy per child per day). Program is subject to change without notice. 4 – You do not receive any monetary credit for points earned through the Indy Junior App.
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