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Access all the tools you need to manage your finances from a single, easy-to-navigate dashboard with Online & Mobile Banking.


Features include:

  • Pay bills in seconds - Manage, pay and receive bills all in one secure place. No need to write checks or use multiple websites. You determine when payments are made and how much to pay.
  • Budget & track spending - Set budget goals, track spending, and receive Alerts.
  • Deposit checks in a snap - Save yourself a trip to the bank and safely deposit checks using the Inland Bank App on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Access eStatements - Go paperless and reduce clutter when you receive your account statements within Online Banking instead of in the mail.
  • Manage Your Debit Card - Our CardValet® mobile app lets you control debit card usage and spending on the go for personal Inland Bank Debit Cards.    

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Online Banking and Bill Pay FAQ


What is Online Banking? 
Online Banking is an electronic system that allows you to view account balances and transactions, pay bills, pay other people, view your account statements, and much more! This can be done conveniently and securely from your computer, mobile device, or tablet.

What features are available with Online Banking?
In addition to basic features, the following features available to personal and business accounts include:

  • Inland Pay – Send payments immediately to others using an Inland Bank Debit Card. Enter the recipient’s name and email address or mobile phone number. The funds will deposit directly to the recipients preferred account.
  • Direct Pay/Biller Direct – Pay, view, and manage bills without leaving the Online Banking platform.
  • Card Swap
  • Bill Pay – Pay your bills via one platform. Based on the bill pay recipient, a check or ACH electronic payment will automatically be sent.
  • Mobile Check Deposit – Make check deposits to an eligible Inland Bank Checking, Savings, or Money Market account from the convenience of your Apple or Android smart phone. Simply snap a picture of the front and back of the endorsed check.
  • External Transfers – Transfer funds to or from your Inland Bank account to other accounts that you own at other financial institutions.
  • Financial tools – take the work out of staying on top of your finances. See your full financial picture in one place.

Is Online Banking secure?
Yes, Inland Bank is committed to your security! Our Online Banking services utilize best practices, including secure sockets layer encryption, PIN or password access, and application time-out. The only devices that can access your Online Banking are the ones you enroll, and no account data is ever stored on the device.

What is a unified experience?
A unified experience simply means that the look and feel of Online Banking is consistent among your devices (phone, tablet, and computer). It will improve your experience by making similar features available on any platform. Please note, the features and functions will not have an identical display on every device.

Are there browser requirements for Online Banking?
We recommend updating your browser to the latest version available. This will guarantee your Online Banking is as secure as possible and ensure compatibility with our Online Banking experience. Currently, our supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not compatible. 


What if I do not have access to the phone number or email account associated with my Inland Bank account?
Your current email address and phone number on file will be used to complete your initial login. If you experience difficulty logging in for the first time, contact Customer Service at 877.908.6555 to verify your identity.

Is there a cost associated with using Online Banking?
There is no cost issued to consumers by Inland Bank for the Online Banking services. However, you may incur fees associated with text messages and data use assessed by your wireless provider. Check with your wireless phone provider for more information. Business customers may be subject to fees in certain instances. Contact your banker for a copy of the Business Fee Schedule. 


How can I access Online Banking on my phone or tablet?
Online Banking is available by simply downloading the Inland Bank app on any Apple or Android device. You may also access Online Banking by visiting the Inland Bank website at

Can I use Online Banking services on more than one device?
Yes, you can access Online Banking via your phone, tablet, and/or computer.

How many failed login attempts am I allowed?
After 3 failed user name and/or password entries, you will be locked out of the system. If this happens, click on “Forgot your password” on the login screen to reset your password. 


What happens if I get a new mobile device or change my phone number?
If you get a new device or change your phone number, log in to Online Banking using your personal computer. Then, update your device profile by removing your old device and enrolling your new device. If you get a new phone, download the mobile app and log in using your existing login credentials. You will be prompted to enter a Secure Access Code (SAC) in order to complete your login.

How long is an Online Banking session? Will it time-out?
Each Online Banking session is 30 minutes. This includes active and inactive use. However, you may log back in if you require additional time.

What is a Secure Access Code?
A secure access code is a randomly generated number delivered to you via text, phone call, or email. The secure access code is used to verify your identity when you log in to Online Banking from an unregistered device or browser.

Will the Online Banking system require me to register my device?
Yes, registering your device ensures your machine is authorized to access your Online Banking profile.

Every time I login, the system requires a secure access code. Why doesn’t my device register with the new Online Banking platform?
There are several possible reasons that you may need to register a browser or device again, including:

  • your browser settings are configured to delete cookies
  • your browser cookies were removed for online banking
  • you use a browser plug-in that automatically removes browser cookies when you close the browser
  • you logged in with a different browser on the same registered computer
  • you deleted and reinstalled the mobile banking app
  • for security reasons, we reset all active registrations for all users

How do I remove the registration from a device?
Using your computer, delete all internet browser cookies or the browser cookies for online banking. If you wish to remove the registration from a tablet or smartphone, simply delete the app. The registration information will automatically delete once the app is removed.


A strong password helps you protect your account. To create a strong password, keep the following guidelines in mind:

•            create unique, original passwords

•            use the longest practical password

•            use a mix of upper and lower case letters

•            include one or more numbers

•            do not use repeating or adjacent characters

•            use at least one special character: ‘~!@#$%^&*()_=+[]{}:”?,./\

In addition, avoid using software or toolbars that store your password. It’s always a good practice to regularly change your password.

Remember to avoid the following when creating a password:

  • do not choose passwords that others can easily guess
  • do not reuse passwords for multiple online accounts
  • never use your account numbers as your password
  • do not use personal contact information, such as addresses or phone numbers
  • do not use personal information, such as your name, birthday, Social Security Number, passport number, or the names of family members or friends
  • do not use sequences of characters such as 1234567 or abcdefg


Will I have to download a new mobile banking app?
Yes, you will need to download new mobile banking apps on August 26th

What can I do if the mobile banking app is not working or is requesting an update?
If the app is not working, we recommend deleting it and downloading a new app.


What is a secure message?
A secure message is a safe method for you to communicate confidential information to Inland Bank. Please note, the typical response time is one business day.

Is the content of my message, including attachments, sent securely?
Yes, the delivery of your message is (SSL) encrypted and is never sent through public, unsecured communication channels like email communication.

Can I enable alerts through Online Banking?
Yes, you may create and manage alerts for your accounts. You may also enable/disable security alerts for account activity and edit delivery preferences for receiving alerts. Alerts are not sent in real time, there may be a delay between when transactions occur and when you receive an alert. Set up alerts by clicking on “Settings” and then “Alerts” in the Online Banking menu.

Will my alerts transfer to the new system?

What types of general alerts can be configured?
The frequency of alerts can be configured to occur after the first occurrence or after every occurrence. The alert types include:

  • Account – warns you when the account balance drops below or rises above a specified threshold
  • History – informs you when:
    • a specific check number clears
    • a credit or debit transaction is greater than or less than a specified amount
    • a transaction description matches specified text
  • Non-Online Transaction – notifies you of specific non-online-originated transactions.
  • Online Transaction – alerts you of specific online-originated transactions that may influence your finances, such as domestic and international wire transfers
  • Reminder—provides a prompt regarding a specific date or event

How will I be notified of alerts?

Alert delivery can be customized using the following methods:

  • Email – email notifications are not recommended as email accounts can be compromised
  • Voice
  • SMS Text Message – dependent on acceptance of SMS Terms and Conditions to receive text messages
  • Push Notification – dependent on the configuration of mobile devices to receive push notifications
  • Secure Message Only – alerts will be delivered to your “Secure Messages” mailbox in Online Banking

When will I receive my alerts?
Alerts are not sent in real-time. You will receive alerts at the beginning of the business day following the transaction.

What if I do not receive a phone or email alert?
If you believe you did not receive a phone or email alert, confirm the alert is enabled by clicking on “Settings” in the Online Banking Menu. You may also reference your voicemail and junk email folder to be certain they didn’t get misfiled. If you are in need of further assistance, please contact Customer Service at 877.908.6555

Please note that email, voice, and text message alerts should not be used to manage critical account details or appointments. Due to its nature, email, voice, and text message networks may not be dependable. However, secure messages within our system are reliable as they are contained entirely within our Online Banking system.

Which wireless carriers are supported?
We support most of the popular wireless phone carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. If your carrier is not listed upon enrollment, select “Other” and try the Mobile Web option. You may also check back later as new carriers will be added.

Do I need a text message or data plan?
No. However, text messaging and/or data usage can become expensive without them. Please check with your wireless carrier for more information.

What is considered a business day?
A business day is defined as Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays.

Will I need to acknowledge new agreements in the new Online Banking platform?Yes, you will be presented with our Online Banking agreement and other compliance related documents within the system.

What are the cutoff times?

  • Bill Pay: 2:00 pm CT
  • Wire Transfers:  4:00 pm CT
  • ACH: 4:00 pm CT
  • Desktop Remote Deposit: 5:45 pm CT
  • Mobile Remote Deposit: 5:45 pm CT


Will I see all of my Inland Bank accounts with one User ID?
Business and personal accounts will have separate User IDs. When logging in to your personal account, you will see all of the personal accounts you own. When logging in to your business account, you will see all of the accounts for which you are a signer.

Can I download to Quicken or QuickBooks?

When I download the Online Banking app to Quicken, it does not launch automatically. Why?
Typically, this means the file type is not properly associated with the application. The easiest way to create the association is to save the download file to your desktop, right-click the file, and click “Open With”. In the “Open With” dialog, select “Quicken or QuickBooks”. The next time you download your history, the program should launch automatically.

Will I be able to pay my loans within Online Banking?
Yes, you can make your monthly payments by transferring money from a deposit account to your loan. 

Can I transfer funds to and from accounts I already own at other financial institutions?

How do I delete an external account?
To delete an external account, go to “Settings” in the Online Banking menu, and click “Account Preferences.” Then, select your external account and click on the trash can image.

Can I change my address through Online Banking?
Yes, changing your address can be done through Online Banking on one or more of the accounts that you hold at Inland Bank. This request will alter your account profile, statements, and other mail correspondence associated with your account. This change may take 24 to 48 hours to update. 

If I create a future-dated check, when will the check be processed and effective?
A future-dated check will be processed on the processing date you select. The date that the check arrives at your recipient’s address is dependent on the U.S. mail system.

How do I cancel a transfer that was set up as a recurring transfer? Can I cancel one transfer within the series of recurring transfers.
You may cancel one or multiple transfers within a series of recurring transfers. To cancel a single transfer click “Transactions” in the Online Banking Menu. Then, select the “Single Transfer” tab within the Activity Center. Select the corresponding transfer by date, click the three vertical dots to the right of the transfer, and choose “Cancel”. Cancel the entire series by selecting the “Recurring Transfers” tab.

How is the Activity Center page different from the Account Details page?
The Activity Center page contains all transactions initiated in Online Banking, including checks deposited through Mobile Check Deposit. It does not include transactions that you make via other means, such as ATM or debit card transactions. The Activity Center page also shows the status of each electronic transaction as it moves from a drafted status to approved, and processed.

Will I have access to my statement history?
Yes, you will have access to electronic statements.

Why are some accounts not included in the account drop-down list when viewing statements?
At this time, certain account types do not support e-statements.


What is a payee?
A payee is the issuer of a bill that is due to be paid by you.

How do I add a payee?
Clicking “Add payee” at the top of the payments page will walk you through a one time, step-by-step setup process to gather key information used to send your payments.

Will my Bill Pay payees carry over?
Yes, all open and inactive payees will still be available. However, some payees may be listed differently. Closed payees will not carry over, nor will your Bill Pay history.

Will any scheduled Bill Pay payments process during the conversion period?
Yes. All scheduled bill payments will be processed on the date scheduled.  There will be no interruption in payment processing.

Is there a Bill Pay blackout period during the conversion period?
Yes with some blackouts. Need to figure out how to include processing time.

Are there different Bill Pay options when viewing on a desktop versus mobile or tablet? 
No, there is no difference between the devices.

Will I need to sign a new Bill Pay agreement?

What is the daily cut-off time for Bill Pay?
The cut-off time for sending same day Bill Pay payments is 2:00 p.m. CT.

If I create a future-dated check, when will the check be processed and effective?
If you create a future-dated check, the check will be processed on the processing date you select. The date that the check arrives at your recipient’s address is dependent on the U.S. mail system.

How do check memos work?
Memos are available for use when there is additional information about the payment you need to disclose. (Example: adding “apply extra payment to principal” on a mortgage payment)

What are payee categories?
Categories allow you to group your payees for customized listings, whether you’re scheduling payments, viewing pending transactions, or researching your transaction history. You can manage your categories under my account and assign a payee to a category when adding or editing them.

When is my account debited to fund these payments?
If the payment is made via check, your account will be debited when the check clears your account.   If the payment is via ACH, your account will be debited on the day you request the payment be made.

Can a payee see my payment comment?
No. Comments are for your personal use and will not be sent with your payment.

How long should I allow for the payment to arrive at the payee?
You should plan the same amount of time you would if you were mailing a check.


How do I set up a person-to-person payment?
When adding a payee, choose the “Pay a Person” option. Whether you have their deposit account information or not, there are options readily available to send your payment.

Can I make payments on a holiday or weekend?
No. Holidays and weekends are designated as ineligible for payment processing and will affect the dates available when scheduling your payment.

How do I set up recurring payments?
To set up a recurring payment, click the “Make it Recurring” link located in the “Action” column of the payment page. Enter the amount and select the “Pay from Account.” You may also include the frequency of the scheduled payments.

Can I see payments that will process more than 45 days from now?
Yes. You can view all of your scheduled payments by clicking the “View pending transaction” link available below the schedule payment section of your payment page.

Is there a cutoff date and time for editing or stopping a payment?
Yes. You may edit or stop a payment prior to 11:59 p.m. CT on the date the payment is scheduled to process.

What is my transaction history?
Your transaction history helps you keep track of your payments with customized reports. It provides a detailed timeline of each transaction scheduled within Bill Pay.

How long are records stored in my transaction history?
Your transaction history will allow you to report transactions up to 18 months from the current date.

What is an eBill?
eBills present due dates and amounts from your billing statement to alert you when it’s time to schedule payments.

Will my eBills transfer over to the new Online Banking platform?
One week prior to conversion your current eBill privileges in Bill Pay will be turned off. Once disabled, you will no longer receive eBill notifications, and will no longer have access to setup new eBills. However, you will be able to act upon any eBills that were in your “In-Box” prior to the disabled date. Once you are logged into the new system on conversion day, you will be able to re-establish your ebills.

How do I set up an eBill?
Your payee must have a website available to view your bill online to be eligible for eBills. If your payee is eligible for eBills in bill pay you will need to provide the credentials to access the bill information for the payee.

How does autopay work?
Autopay will schedule a payment for you when your new eBill arrives based on your preferences.

What is a rush payment?
A rush payment can be used to send a payment that requires delivery within the next two days. Fees will apply.

How do I rush a payment?
If you have a bill that’s quickly approaching the due date, you can use the “Rush delivery” link to select a guaranteed delivery option.

Can I track a rush payment?
Yes. If you choose an option that includes UPS tracking, you can monitor the delivery of the payment in your transaction history.


Can I add another “Pay From” account?
A pay from account can be added by accessing “My account” and clicking the “Add Account” link located in the “Pay From” account section.

How do I edit “Pay From” account information?
A “Pay From” account can be edited by accessing “My account.” Click the “View account” link and then “Edit.”


What is my Message Center? How does it work?
The Message Center is located within Bill Pay. It provides a secure means for communicating with us regarding your accounts or payments. 

How long are my messages stored?
Messages are retained for 180 days from the date the message was received or sent. They will be systematically deleted after that time elapses.

How do I schedule an alert or reminder for myself?
Click “My Account” and use the “View Alerts” link under the “Notifications” section of the page to set the notification preferences within your bill pay account. To add a reminder from the payment page, click the payee name and use the “Add Reminder” link to have notifications sent to your phone or email when a payment is due.

Why does my dashboard say “Attention Required”?
If there are actions required, the “Attention Required” indicator will appear. This notification will provide links to help you resolve the items.

What is the payment calendar and how do I use it?
The payment calendar is a monthly snapshot of transactions that are pending or processed. You can access pending payments or payment history by clicking the transaction totals displayed on any given day.


What is Mobile Check Deposit?
Mobile Check Deposit lets you deposit a check into an eligible Inland Bank Checking, Savings, or Money Market account. This can be done by taking a picture of the front and back of the check, using your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Is there a fee to use Inland Bank Mobile Check Deposit?
No, you will not be charged a fee to make deposits using Mobile Check Deposit.

What are the eligibility requirements for using Mobile Check Deposit?
To access Mobile Check Deposit, you must be enrolled in Online Banking and have at least one eligible Inland Bank Checking, Savings, or Money Market account.

When will the funds be available for withdrawal once I make a Mobile Check Deposit?
Deposits made using Mobile Check Deposit are processed and based on the time the deposit was submitted. If we receive a successful deposit on or before 5:45 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) on a business day, the deposit will be reviewed for approval that day. If we receive the deposit after 5:45 p.m. CST on a business day, on a non-business day (Saturday – Sunday), or on a Federal holiday, your deposit will be reviewed for approval on the next business day, which will be considered the processing day of your deposit. For approved checks, funds will generally be available two business days after the day you receive notice your Mobile Check Deposit was approved. If you are a new customer, during the first 30 days of account opening, funds will be held an additional five business days, totaling seven business days.

How much can I deposit through Mobile Check Deposit?
You may deposit up to $3,500.00 per day. These limitations are placed for security reasons. Any items presented in excess of the limits will be declined at our discretion.

Is there a limit to how many checks I can deposit?
No, but the total of your checks deposited on any business day cannot exceed the $3,500 limit.     

What is considered a business day?
A business day is defined as Monday through Friday excluding Federal Holidays.

Should I endorse the back of my check(s) before making a deposit using Mobile Check Deposit?
Yes. Please endorse the check by writing "For Mobile Deposit Only at Inland Bank,” followed by your signature.  Checks without this endorsement may be rejected and will need to be redeposited.

Should I include a deposit slip with the picture of my check for Mobile Check Deposit?
No. You do not need to include a deposit slip for deposits made using Mobile Check Deposit.

Do I photograph both the front and the back of my check for Mobile Check Deposit?
Yes. During the deposit process, you will be required to photograph the front and the back of your check.

What types of checks can I deposit through Mobile Check Deposit?
You may deposit most U.S. personal, business, and government checks through Mobile Check Deposit. Foreign checks, U.S. Savings Bonds, Travelers Checks, and third party checks (not payable directly to you) are not accepted via Mobile Check Deposit. Money orders and many rebate checks may not be accepted. If you have questions or are in need of further assistance, please contact Customer Service at 1.877.908.6555.

How will I know the status of a Mobile Check Deposit?
You will receive an automated e-mail message when a photo of the front and back of the check for deposit is successfully submitted to Inland Bank. A second e-mail notification will be sent when the check is approved. If the check is declined, you will be emailed a notice including a brief explanation.

Will I see my Mobile Check Deposit in my transaction history?
Yes, Mobile Check Deposits will be included in your transaction history within 2 business days.

What if I submitted a mobile check for the wrong amount? Do I need to resubmit the deposit?
No. If you notice an error in a deposit you submitted, do not resubmit it. It will be corrected during the review process.

What if I accidentally submit the same Mobile Check Deposit twice?
If the same deposit is submitted and approved twice, one of the deposits will be reversed from your account.

A check I submitted was returned. Can I resubmit it via Mobile Check Deposit?
No. If a check you deposited via Mobile Check Deposit or at a Branch is returned, Inland Bank will send you a notice of a returned check with a copy of the check. You must re-deposit it at an Inland Bank Branch.

How long should I keep the original check I deposited through Mobile Check Deposit?
Please keep all original checks deposited through Mobile Check Deposit for 30 days. Do not attempt to deposit checks a second time. In addition, do not "VOID" checks after submittal in the event the deposit is not approved. We recommend that you store checks in a secure area  and shred them before discarding.

Why are check images being rejected in Mobile Check Deposit?
The most common reason a check image is rejected is because the image you submitted was not clear enough. For the best results, we recommend that you lay checks on a flat, dark surface with adequate lighting. Hold the camera steady and make sure all four corners of the check are captured.

Mobile Check Deposit will reject the following items; any check not properly endorsed on the back of the check, any check detected as a duplicate, images submitted with two pictures of one side of the check (versus front and back), or if the routing and account number at the bottom of the check (MICR line) is not valid or legible.

Will I be able to view check images in Online Banking?
Yes, you will be able to view images of checks you wrote. However, you are not able to see images of checks you deposited.


As a Business customer, will I be receiving new tokens?
Inland Bank will begin using Soft Tokens. You will receive instructions on how to set this up.

What do I need to know about using Check Positive Pay?
Check Positive Pay allows you to enter or upload a daily file of your check issues list. The system will then verify inclearing checks against your issues list. Any checks that do not match will be considered an exception. You will need to review all exception items on a daily basis.

Can I see transactions from other users in my company?
Depending on your rights, you will be able to see transactions from other users.

How can I send a pre note to a new account?
To send a pre-note to a newly established recipient, send a zero dollar ACH transaction to the recipient account. The pre-note confirms the validity of a routing number and account at the receiving financial institution, without any movement of funds taking place.

The system does not accept some SEC codes. What can I do?
By default, we do not support all SEC codes. If you encounter unsupported SEC codes that you need to submit, please contact our Treasury Management area during regular business hours.

Why do I enter a Process Date instead of an Effective Date?
Because there may be multiple effective dates in the file, you enter the date on which you want the file to be processed. On the date that you specify, we process the transactions according to the effective date or dates in the file.

When might I use an intermediary financial institution?
You may need to use an intermediary financial institution if the beneficiary’s financial institution is not a direct Fedwire participant and cannot receive a wire transfer via the Fedwire system.

Why is a new user unable to see any accounts?
When a new user is created, the appropriate rights or entitlements on the system must be set by the company administrator. Before the user is able to view accounts.

Limitations may apply with company administrator.  For assistance, please se our Contact Us form or your treasury management banker for assistance.

If I delete a user, will it delete that user’s activity?
No, if you delete a user it only removes their access and rights to the online banking system. All payments and templates that the user created will remain, in addition to references of their online activity.

Can I edit user information?
For security purposes you can only add or remove users and edit user rights. Users are able to change their own profile information, User ID, and password.


Are there any email or text alerts available with goal-based savings?
Alerts will not be part of the initial release, but may be added in the future.

Is there a limit to how many goals can be established?

Can I choose the order the goals are listed?
The display of active goals is listed in chronological order by end date. They are ordered from left to right.

What are the frequencies available?
The frequencies will match those available in Funds Transfer.

Will "roundup" be an option for funding?
Roundup is not part of the initial launch. We hope to add this in the near future. 

Is there a way to share goals with others so they may automatically deposit money into goal-based Savings?

Goal sharing is on our roadmap. For now, each goal belongs to the user that created it. Goals are not visible to other users.


What is CardSwap?
CardSwap lets you apply new debit card information across your favorite subscription and digital points of sale (POS) services like Hulu, Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon.

How does CardSwap work?
CardSwap provides a single spot to update your card on file wherever you pay – subscription and streaming services, eCommerce merchants, and more. With CardSwap, you provide your login credentials for a subscription service and your Inland Bank-issued card information. The new preferred payment information is automatically tested and applied. The update is live within 24 hours.

Does CardSwap support payment methods other than card payments (ACH, check, etc.)?

Can account holders use this service for cards other than their Inland Bank-issued card?

Does CardSwap work for traditional bill pay or direct billers? 
No, CardSwap is specifically designed for subscription services and digital points of sale.

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